International conferences

7th International Plasma Science & Entrepreneurship Workshop, Bochum, November 2020

T. Silva, P. Ogloblina, C. Fromentin, V. Guerra, A. S. Morillo-Candas and O. Guaitella : “Vibrational kinetics in CO2 plasmas: checks and balances”

X. Tu : “Plasma-enhanced Catalysis: An Emerging Technology for CO2 Conversation”

G. van Rooij : “Electrification and circularity – a plasma chemistry perspective”

B. L. M. Klarenaar, M. A. Damen, M. Grofulović, O. Guaitella, R. van de Sanden and R. Engeln : “Vibrational kinetics of CO2 in non-thermal plasmas”

C. Fromentin, L. L. Alves, T. Silva, V. Guerra, J. P. Booth, A. S. Morillo-Candas, O. Guaitella, A. F. Silva, D. Voloshin, Yu. A. Mankelevich, D. V. Lopaev, S. M. Ziryanov and T. Rakhimova : “Kinetic mechanisms in CO2 – O2 plasmas: Development of a reaction mechanism”

47th IOP Plasma Physics Conference, Online, April 2021

C. Fromentin, V. Guerra, T. Silva, T. C. Dias, A. S. Morillo-Candas, O. Guaitella, A. F. Silva and O. Biondo: “Kinetic mechanisms in CO2-O2 plasmas: development of a reaction mechanism”

Virtual Plathinium 2021, Online, September 2021

C. Fromentin, T. Silva, T. C. Dias, E. Baratte, A. S. Morillo-Candas, O. Guaitella, A. F. Silva, O. Biondo and V. Guerra: “Kinetic mechanisms in CO2-N2 plasmas”

VEIT 2021, Online, September 2021

R. Engeln : “Diagnostics to study the vibrational kinetics of CO2 in non-thermal plasma”

GEC 2021, Online, October 2021

C. A. Garcia Soto, E. Baratte, V. I. Parvulescu and O. Guaitella : “Study of plasma-surface interactions of CO2-CH4 plasma on CeO2 using in situ Infrared Transmission experiments”

C. Fromentin, T. Silva, T. C. Dias, E. Baratte, O. Guaitella, O. Biondo and V. Guerra : “Kinetic Mechanisms in CO2-N2 Plasmas”

Physics@Veldhoven, Online, January 2022

T. P. W. Salden : “Time-resolved optical emission spectroscopy in CO2 nanosecond pulsed discharges”

2022 MCAA Annual Conference and General Assembly, Lisbon, March 2022

C. Fromentin, B. Musig and M. Nguyen Quang : “The ‘PIONEERS’ of CO2 recycling”


Plasma Tech 2022, Barcelona, April 2022

O. Biondo, F. Girard-Sahun, G. Trenchev, G. van Rooij and A. Bogaerts : “A modelling investigation of the mechanisms underlying the O/O2 removal in the afterglow of a CO2 plasma with a carbon bed”

V. Guerra, T. Silva, C. Fromentin, T. C. Dias, A. S. Morillo-Candas and O. Guaitella : “Validation of complex plasma chemistries: CO2 as a case study

M. Faedda, B. Samojeden, L. M. Martini, M. Motak and P. Tosi : “Plasma-catalytic coupling in a nanosecond pulsed discharge plasma for CO2 recycling”

B. Musig, M. E. Gálvez and M. V. Navarro : “Effect of morphology of nanostructured CeO2 supports on plasma-assisted CO2 methanation”

D. Aceto, F. Azzolina-Jury and C. Henriques : “Study on the mechanism of plasma-assisted CO2 methanation over Ru-zeolite catalysts in a DBD operando FTIR cell”

J. Barauna, T. M. Garcia, M. Magureanu and V. I. Parvulescu : “Plasma-liquid catalysis for CO2 conversion”

C. Fromentin, T. Silva, T. C. Dias, E. Baratte, O. Guaitella, O. Biondo and V. Guerra : “Kinetic mechanisms in CO2-N2 plasmas

FLTPD XIV, Levico Terme, May 2022

T. P. W. Salden, M. Ceppelli, L. M. Martini, G. Dilecce and P. Tosi : “Insights into nanosecond repetitively pulsed CO2 discharges by time-resolved optical emission spectroscopy”

M. Budde, L. M. Martini, M. Ceppelli, S. Quercetti and R. Engeln : “Pretty exciting – Calibrated OH laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy, opportunities and challenges in unraveling the role of H2O in CO2 plasma conversion”


M. Faedda, C. Montesano, L. M. Martini, G. Dilecce, B. Samojeden, M. Motak, V. M. Sglavo and P. Tosi : “Investigation of the dry reforming reaction by plasma-catalysis”


C. A. Garcia Soto, E. Baratte, O. Guaitella and V. I. Parvulescu : “in situ FTIR transmission experiments through catalytic pellets under CO2-CH4 plasma exposure”


RIVA XII, Braga, May 2022

M. Budde, T. C. Dias, T. Silva, L. Vialetto, N. Pinhão and V. Guerra : “Collision Ahead – An Electron Collision Cross Section Set for Water Molecules for Use in a Two-Term Boltzmann Solver”


ISGC, La Rochelle, May 2022

B. Musig, M. V. Navarro and M. E. Galves : “Thermal and plasma-catalytic CO2 methanation over nanostructured Ni/CeO2”


Electrical discharges for CO2 conversion, Trento, November 2019

V. Guerra : An introduction to Plasma Physics

V. Guerra : From solar fuels to oxygen production on Mars

Physics PhD Workshop, Trento, December 2020

M. Faedda : “Efficient catalysts for the plasma-assisted Dry Reforming of Methane

T. P. W. Salden : “Investigation CO2 plasma fundamentals for a clean future

KIT meeting N-PRiME @ IST, Lisbon, November 2021

R. Engeln : Vibrational kinetics of CO2 in non-thermal plasma: a diagnostic study

* underlined is part of the Pioneer project, bold gave the presentation

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