Lectures at international conferences

47th IOP Plasma Physics Conference, online event, April 2021

Chloé Fromentin : “Kinetic mechanisms in CO2-O2 plasmas: development of a reaction mechanism”


A series of lectures on the topic of “Electrical discharges for CO2 conversion” was organized at University of Trento, Italy, by Paolo Tosi and Giorgio Dilecce, 19&20 November 2019:


In a two day workshop on “Plasma Science & Entrepreneurship” on November 2 and 3 2020 the topic plasma was addressed from various directions. Among the speakers were multiple of the supervisors of PIONEER as well as one ESR.

  • Vasco Guerra : “Vibrational kinetics in CO2 plasmas: checks and balances”
  • Xin Tu : “Plasma-enhanced Catalysis: An Emerging Technology for CO2 Conversation”
  • Gerard van Rooij : “Electrification and circularity – a plasma chemistry perspective”
  • Richard Engeln : “Vibrational kinetics of CO2 in non-thermal plasmas”
  • Chloé Fromentin : “Kinetic mechanisms in CO2 – O2 plasmas: Development of a reaction mechanism”

On December 2 two of the ESRs participated in the Physics PhD workshop 2020 at the University of Trento. The PhD have here the opportunity to present their daily work. Additionally, new strategies in science education and mental health in times of Covid were addressed.