PIONEER generates data in a wide range of R&D activities on plasma-catalysis. These data are open for scrutiny by other researchers, potential partners and the scientific and regulatory communities.

As a project participating in the Open Research Data Pilot in Horizon 2020, PIONEER makes its research data findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR). 

All data from the published papers can be found and downloaded in the publications webpage, with visible and accessible links given next to each published paper.

Thereby, PIONEER contributes to a rapidly developing research field. It is expanding so quickly that keeping track is difficult. For that reason, we proudly present the PIONEER database!

Collected from peer-reviewed publications on plasma(-catalytic) conversion of CO2, the Pioneer database (PDB) allows for large scale comparisons of measured data.

The community is very much invited to contribute to the PDB, thereby increasing the visibility of one’s own work as well as the significance of made comparisons.

Additionally, we try to influence the way data is published to encourage researchers to provide more information of the experiments to facilitate the identification of trends (or outliers). All best practice advises and much more can be found in the accompanying publication.

The online tool of the PDB can be accessed here.

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