Monika Motak

I am professor at Faculty of Energy and Fuels at the AGH – University of Science and Technology in Kraków. I am also the Head of the Group for Catalytic and Adsorption  Processes in Energy and Environmental Protection at the Faculty of Energy and Fuels .

My research focuses on the development of original and innovative catalytic materials for environmental and climate protection applications. My special interest are the use of nano-oxide materials based on nickel modified hydrotalcite as catalysts for dry reforming of methane (DRM), tri-reforming and methanation and the optimization of the methods of preparation of active and selective catalysts for DeNOx process obtained by the intercalation of natural montmorillonite with aluminium oxide and modification with carbon layer, or hydrotalcites containing incorporated  transition metals  operating at low temperature range. Within PIONEER, I am mostly involved in the study of innovative catalytic plasma materials and chemical utilisation of CO2 (reforming of methane, metanization) using plasma reactors.

Institution: AGH University of Science and Technology (AGH-UST) AGH-UST
1nd Supervisor: Marzia Faedda
2nd Supervisor: Minh Nguyen Quang
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