The PIONEER consortium includes experts in plasma physics and catalysis, but also in spectroscopy, chemical engineering, etc… The complementarity of the 15 academic research groups involved in 10 countries is essential for the scientific success of the project as well as for the supervision of the ESRs. The consortium also includes 5 industrial partners who bring their technological know-how as well as their vision on the most relevant innovations to solve the environmental challenges of CO2 emissions.


Map of Consortium University of Liverpool Dublin City University University of Caen Laboratoire de Catalyse & Spectroscopie Sorbonne University Institut Jean Lerond d’Alembert Ecole Polytechnique Laboratoire de Physique des Plasmas Instituto Superior Técnico Instituto de Plasmas e Fusao Nuclear Centro de Quimica Estrutural University of Zaragoza Instituto de CarBoquimica University of Antwerp University of Bucharest AGH University DIFFER Eindhoven University Plasma & Materials Processing Elementary Processes in Gas Discharges University of Trento
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