In particular at conferences, excellent work of is often acknowledged by awards. See below for occasions when members of Pioneer could convince the jury.

Best Poster Awards

RIVA XII, Braga, May 2022

M. Budde, T. C. Dias, T. Silva, L. Vialetto, N. Pinhão and V. Guerra : “Collision Ahead – An Electron Collision Cross Section Set for Water Molecules for Use in a Two-Term Boltzmann Solver”

2023 MCAA Annual Conference and General Assembly, Córdoba, February 2023

B. Musig, J. Barauna, T. M. Garcia, M. E. Galvez, M. V. Navarro : “Synergy of non-thermal plasma with Ni/CeO2 catalysts for CO2 recycling”

Best Oral Communication Award

Virtual Plathinium, Online, September 2021

SFV “Michel Cantarel” Student Grant

C. Fromentin, T. Silva, T. C. Dias, E. Baratte, A. S. Morillo-Candas, O. Guaitella, A. F. Silva, O. Biondo and V. Guerra : “Kinetic mechanisms in CO2-N2 plasmas”

ISNTP12, Otaru, August 2022

C. Fromentin, T. Silva, T. C. Dias, V. Guerra, E. Baratte, A. S. Morillo-Candas, O. Guaitella and O. Biondo : “Kinetic mechanisms in CO2-N2 plasmas”

*underlined is part of the Pioneer project, bold is the winner of the award

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