Federico Azzolina-Jury

Federico AZZOLINA-JURY is Associate Professor at the National Graduate School of Engineering and Research Center (ENSICAEN) and member of the “Laboratoire Catalyse et Spectrochimie” (LCS) in Caen. He graduated in Chemical Engineering in 2009 at the Universidad de Río Cuarto (UNRC) in Argentina. He obtained a grant to obtain his master degree in Chemical Engineering at INSA de Rouen in 2010. He received his PhD in 2013 at INSA de Rouen working on catalyst synthesis and characterization for their application on chemical reactions assisted by microwaves.

Afterwards, at the same institution, he obtained a grant to fund his postdoctoral research for the development of dielectric materials for astronomic applications. He is Associate professor at ENSICAEN since 2015 and he has been working on plasma-catalysis through the development of new materials (catalysts) and the observation of their surfaces during non-thermal plasma-assisted reactions with Operando IR spectroscopy methods.   

Institution: Laboratoire de Catalyse & Spectroscopie (CNRS – LCS) CNRS - LCS
1st Supervisor: Minh Nguyen Quang
2nd Supervisor: Domenico Aceto
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