Gerard van Rooij

Professor van Rooij obtained his MSc in Physics at the Eindhoven University of Technology (specialization Plasma Physics) and received his PhD degree at the University of Amsterdam for his research on macromolecular mass spectrometry that he performed at AMOLF. Following a post-doctoral work on calibration techniques for fluorescence microscopy at the UvA, he became project leader for low temperature plasma physics at DIFFER. He pioneered the scientific basis of the unique devices for plasma surface interaction studies within DIFFER and participated in the research programs of the major international facilities for fusion research to study the role of plasma chemistry therein. Since 2012, he researches plasma activation of chemical reactions to aid storage of sustainable energy in chemical potential energy for its integration in other sectors such as transport and chemical industry. He is currently head of the Non-equilibrium Fuel Conversion group at DIFFER, full professor plasma chemistry at the Maastricht University, and part-time professor in sustainable plasma chemistry at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e).


Institution: Dutch Institute For Fundamental Energy Research (DIFFER) DIFFER
1nd Supervisor: Ashley Hughes
2nd Supervisor: Omar Biondo
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