Why using plasmas catalysis?

The use of plasma-catalysis can potentially apply to any CO2 conversion process, from its hydrogenation, including methanation, to its use in dry, autothermal or bi-, tri-reforming of methane containing gases, with their own specificities, leading moreover to a coupled excitation of the gas mixture.

Why using plasmas?

This is first due to the unique feature of plasmas to be able to activate efficient chemistry “out of thermodynamical equilibrium” .

Why coupling plasmas with catalysts?

The research and technological goals of our PIONEER-EJD are therefore to forge “out of the box” catalytic materials capable of boosting the reactivity of NTP as well as designing the most appropriate plasma sources suitable for each CO2 recycling process, based on fundamental understanding of the plasma/catalyst interaction. This motivates the three research work packages of PIONEER-EJD.

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