Instituto de Plasmas e Fusao Nuclear

Research Group: Instituto de Plasma e Fusão Nuclear (IPFN) IST-IPFN
Host institution: Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa)
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Involved Persons: Vasco Guerra (ESR 4 and 13)

General description: Instituto de Plasmas e Fusão Nuclear is an Associate Laboratory of the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology and the Portuguese research unit managing the Eurofusion Contract. IPFN researchers work on cuttingedge fields of Plasma Science and Engineering, Controlled Nuclear Fusion, Lasers and Photonics and Advanced Computing, participating in largescale R&D projects (ITER, HIPER, ELI). Fostering excellence in international context, IPFN provides a unique setting for worldclass scientific research, technological transfer and advanced training.

IPFN is attached to Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), the largest and most reputed school of engineering, S&T in Portugal. IST mission is to provide top quality higher education in the areas of Engineering, S&T and Architecture, as well as developing RD&I activities that meet the highest international standards.

Persons involved in PIONEER:

  • Vasco Guerra is associate professor at the Department of Physics of IST. His research focuses on the modeling of non-equilibrium kinetics of low-temperature molecular plasmas. In 2016 he was awarded the William Crookes Plasma Prize, co-sponsored by the European Physical Society and the Institute of Physics Publishing, “for the outstanding contribution to the modeling of molecular low-temperature plasmas. He has served as the Coordinator of the Integrated Master in Engineering Physics of IST, at the governing board of IPFN, at the governing board of the doctoral programme APPLAuSE (Advanced Programme of PLAsma Science and Engineering) and as Vice-Presiden of the Department of Physics if IST.

Representative publications:

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