ESR 11

Host institution: University of Trento (UNITN)
Supervisor: Paolo Tosi
Start date: September 2019
Gross salary: ~27 000 € /year (may vary according to institution).

Title: Time-resolved detection of transient species in nanosecond repetitively pulsed discharges for CO2 conversion


Repetitively pulsed discharges, with a nanosecond pulse rise-time and duration, represent the latest developments regarding the use of non-equilibrium plasmas to convert CO2 into useful products, with the very short pulse duration increasing the power delivered to the plasma and maximising its non-equilibrium features.

To gain insight into the chemical processes which lead to value-added products, one has to use time-resolved diagnostics (absorption, emission, and LIF) to observe the temporal evolution of the ongoing chemical kinetics. The final goal of the PhD research will be to combine advanced diagnostics and reactor development in order to optimise the conversion of CO2 to value-added products. In particular,  laser based diagnostics must be developed and applied to the measurement of CO2 dissociation, detection and quantification of reaction intermediates and the monitoring of vibrational excitation in the aformentioned processes. The research will be split between Trento and Eindhoven.

Links with other ESRs: direct comparison of ns-discharges configuration and efficiency with ESR2; comparison with the model results of ESR3 and ESR4

Expected Results:

  • Setting-up specific laser-based diagnostics for time-resolved CO2 conversion.
  • Setting-up specific laser-based diagnostics of transient species
  • Optimisation of the ns discharge geometry and parameters

Co-supervisor: Richard Engeln (TU/e-PMP), 18 months Spectroscopic laser diagnostics will be performed at TU/e-PMP

Industrial partner: A secondment at ITRE is planned (1 month)