• ESR 1 (main host EPG – TU/e, The Netherlands and second host LPP – Ecole polytechnique/CNRS, France): Electric fields on catalyst covered dielectric surfaces under plasma exposure
  • ESR 2 (main host University of York, Unitek Kingdom and second host EPG – TU/e, The Netherlands : CO2 dissociation for value-added products at atmospheric pressure using tailored radio-frequency and nanosecond pulsed power input
  • ESR 3 (main host Plasmant – Univ. of Antwerpen, Belgium and second host DIFFER, The Netherlands): Improving the energy efficiency of CO2 conversion and activation in a microwave plasma by a combination of experiments and modeling
  • ESR 4 (main host IPFN – IST, Portugal and second host Univ. of York, United Kingdom): Energy input and relaxation in atmospheric pressure CO2 plasmas
  • ESR 5 (main host CATHPRO – IST, Portugal and second host LCS – CNRS, France): Valorization and optimization of plasma assisted CO2 catalytic reduction of CO2 methanation