• ESR 6 (main host LCS – CNRS, France and second host AGH Univ. of Science, Poland): Efficient catalysts preparation for  plasma-assisted CO2 methanation 
  • ESR 7 (main host AGH Univ. of Science, Poland and second host Univ. of Trento, Italy): Novel catalysts for plasma-assisted tri-reforming of methane
  • ESR 8 (main host ICB – CSIC, Spain and second host Sorbonne Univ., France): Nanostructured catalysts for plasma assisted CO2 methanation
  • ESR 9 (main host Sorbonne Univ., France and second host CATHPRO – IST, Portugal): Tayloring selectivity with different plasma sources
  • ESR 10 (main host Univ. of Liverpool, United Kingdom and second host Univ. of Antwerpen, Belgium): Plasma-catalytic CO2 hydrogenation for the production of molecules for green