We are looking forward to receiving your applications for being part of PIONEER!

If you are interested in applying for one of PIONEER’s 15 thesis subjects, make sure you meet the following criteria

  • you have obtained a master degree in science (or will obtain it before september 2019)
  • you have a sufficient english level (B2 or equivalent)
  • you must not have resided or carried out your main activity in the country of the main host research group of the topics chosen (short stays, e.g. holidays, are not taken into account).
  • you must not have been awarded any doctoral degree at the date of the employment nor have worked as researcher more than 4 years

If you are fulfilling these conditions, you select 2 PhD topics ranked by preference among the 15 projects, send a resume, a motivation letter as well as 2 recommandation letters and fill in the application form below

Applications are still open for topics 1, 6 and 12

Submission deadline: 18 October

The recruitment will follow an open, transparent, impartial, equitable and merit-based procedure. Selected candidates will be interviewed in June/July 2019. Working contract will be signed between June and September 2019.